Do You Need A Meterbox Upgrade?

The meter box or more commonly known, main switchboard is the point at which the property connects to the electrical grid. The electrical meter that is used to record imported and exported energy is located in this box. This meter could be an old analogue meter which has a disk that spins and is read manually by a meter reader, or a new smart meter which provides digital recordings which can be read remote.

Typically the box will also house an isolation fuse(s) and a series of switches including a main switch and a set of circuit breakers which provide isolation for different circuits in the home.

A meterbox upgrade could entail either a complete upgrade including the backing board and stainless steel enclosure, or could be a partial upgrade to update old circuit breakers into new breakers that meet the current standards. The former being vastly more expensive than the later.

Typical issues that our energy consultants find in switchboards include:

  • Missing an isolation fuse meaning the grid cannot be safely isolated
  • Insufficient space for a new smart meter
  • Asbestos backing boards which are deteoriating and require replacement

When a Virtual Power Co energy consultant attends your property they will be able to identify these issues to provide you an accurate costing before you enter into a solar supply agreement with us. That means no nasty surprises after your installation is complete.

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