Step by Step: How We Help You Go Solar

Every homeowner or business owners solar journey is different. People have different needs and requirements. You may be looking to simply reduce your electricity bills to something more manageable, or you might be looking to become completely independent from the grid. Whatever your situation, we have a solution for you.

At Virtual Power Co our job is to make your solar and battery journey as seamless and stress free as possible. We do this by making the process as straight forward as we can and hold your hand at every step of the way. We are big on getting it right for you the first time.

Are you ready for us to pull back the curtain and reveal everything you need to know?

First, we always recommend a personalised in-home or in-business appointment with one of our highly trained energy consultants.

A major red flag when assessing a solar company to partner with is them providing you a generic one sized fits all quotation based on aerial mapping and assuming your preferences and requirements.  Sometimes conditions may prevent a site visit, but it's important that we can see the key ingredients to your success with your solar installation. The last thing you want is for a cowboy to irreparably damage your home and risk your families safety with a shoddy installation.

During our in-home assessment we can pinpoint the potential issues that will impact peak performance of your proposed solar and battery system. We can then design around this and ensure that you have no nasty surprises when you get to install day.

Here are the thirteen steps to going solar and batteries.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Step 2: In-Home Consultation / Site Assessment

Step 3: Determine Rebate Eligibility

Step 4: Select Equipment

Step 5: Sign Agreement & Finance Approval

Step 6: In-House Technical Review

Step 7: Grid Connection Approvals

Step 8: Installation

Step 9: Rebate Lodgement

Step 10: Payment Finalisation

Step 11: Solar Meter Changeover

Step 12: System Activation

Step 13: On-going Support and System Reviews

Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation

On this brief call we will ask you some basic questions about you and your property. Our goal is to find out what's important to you and why you want to go solar. We can discuss your eligiblity for various rebates and no deposit redirection programs that may be available to you. If everything looks good from a desktop review, we will then schedule a mutually convenient In-Home Assessment.

Step 2: In-Home Consultation / Site Assessment

This is where one of our expert energy consultants will assess your home/business for any potential issues and then perform a detailed assessment to ensure solar will achieve your desired outcome. This assessment involves ensuring the condition of your roof is suitable for solar panels, that all relevant Australian Standards can be met with an installation and that there are no major performance issues. We will also check your homes electrical switchboards to ensure that they meet the requirements for solar and a smart meter upgrade.

In this meeting we will educate you about the various products we recommend and which we think will best suit your needs based on the information you provide us. It's a two way street, so if you have any burning questions that you wanted answered by an expert, this is the time.

Step 3: Determine Rebate Eligibility

In Australia we are extremely fortunate to have access to significant solar funding for homes and business that qualify. In this step we will pin-point all the rebates your home or business is entitled to you for your new solar project. This is essentially free funding which can cover a large portion of your installation costs and is what makes solar and batteries so lucrative versus continuing to rent power from the major energy retailers. You don't need to worry about this as we will handle all applications and rebate lodgements as part of our service to you.

Step 4: Select Equipment and Finalise Design

Now is the exciting part where you get to select the equipment for your new system. At Virtual Power Co we pride ourselves on supplying only the highest quality and most trusted brands in the industry. This means rock solid warranties and great technical support so that if you ever have an issue, we can get you back online quickly. Our goal is to consider all relevant factors in your investment including cost, quality and longevity.

Many homeowners and businesses love the fact that we are an exclusive partner and distributor of Tindo Solar which is the only genuine Australian made solar panel.

Step 5: Sign Agreement and Finance Approval

We've confirmed that your home or business can go solar and selected our equipment. The next step is the formalisation of our solution and proposal to partner with us on your solar journey.

At Virtual Power Co we use an advanced solar modelling program that allows us accurately determine the effiency and financial returns of your proposed system based on the parameters covered in the assessment step.

The proposal provides a detailed breakdown of the components selected including all datasheets and warranty documents. You'll also find all relevant month by month energy generation calculations from our analysis, as well as payback periods and expected savings.

When you're satisfied with the collaborative solution you created together with our consultant, the next step is signing your proposal and getting your finance approved (if applicable).

We pride ourselves on our no B.S approach and clear terms and conditions so that you can be confident jumping head first into solar and batteries with us. From here we will begin processing your documents and securing the required permits.

Step 6: In-House Technical Review

Your new solar project needs to be thoroughly checked by our in-house engineering team for quality assurance and compliance. These checks are done to ensure that the proposed design meets all relevant standards and codes in the solar industry. If we pick up any issues at this stage our technical team will work with you to resolve the issue.

Many cheap solar sales companies will skip this important step and instead "make it up on the day". This means that what you thought you were getting may change on the day leaving you and your investment worse off.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide the best most transparent technical advice in the industry in order to achieve your specific goals.

Step 7: Grid Connection Approvals

Once the technical aspects of your job have been finalised by our tech team we can go ahead and lodge your Permission To Connect (PTC) with the local network authority. If you live in NSW this could be either Endeavour, Essential Energy or AusGrid. In QLD it'll be either Ergon or Energex.

The network service provider in your area is responsible for maintaining the poles, wires, transformers and other electrical infrastructure that provides power to your property. They are required to check that it is permissible to connect your new system with the electrical grid. Sometimes the network will issue restrictions or certain conditions on a new connection. It's important we determine if this will be the case for your property or not.

Step 8: Installation

We're now up to the good part - installation day!

Our highly trained CEC accredited solar installers will come to your property to commence your install.

When they arrive they will start a pre-commencement meeting to confirm the particulars of your install and ensure the safety of our team. They'll also speak with you about anything they need to get started and to complete your job - including your wifi password so they can connect your monitoring to the internet when the install is done.

If this is your first time getting solar and you don't yet have a smart meter, your system will be turned of untill your smart meter is installed.

Step 9: Certificate of Compliance

When the installation is complete, our installer will complete a final safety and quality assurance check of your system. This is a comprensive review of all aspects of the installation to ensure that the wiring, inverters, panels and switches are functioning in the intended manner.

This final sign off results in a Certificate of Compliance. This certificate provides you the certainty and assurance that the system meets all relevant codes and regulatory standards. The certificate is also typically required by your electrical retailer in the instance that you still need a smart meter installed.

Step 10: Rebate Sign Off and Lodgement

Now that your new system has been installed, our installer will request you to sign off that the system has been installed. If you are not home at the time of completion, we will send an email sign request. This final sign-off from you will allow us to lodge on your behalf any and all rebates you may have been entitled to.

Step 11: Payment Finalisation

If you are paying cash, this is when we would send you an invoice noting any deposits paid and the outstanding balance as per our agreement together.

If you are approved with a payment plan such as a Redirection Program, this is where we will notify the financier that the system is complete. They may also require a sign off from you that the install is done.

Step 12: Solar Meter Changeover

Now that your install has been completed with a verified Certificate of Compliance, it's time to arrange an energy meter upgrade (also known as a Smart Meter).

Your electrical retailer is always responsible for arranging your energy meter upgrade.  Almost all retailers require the account holder (you) to request the energy meter upgrade. Usually this requires a simple email or form attached with your Permission To Connect and your Certificate of Compliance.

We will provide you with all of these documents in a post installation completion email. This is usually sent within 24-48 hours after the install.

If we can request your smart meter upgrade with you retailer, we will do so and notify you that this has been done. Our goal is always to make the process of going solar as smooth as possible.

Step 13: System Activation

So your smart meter has now been installed and your new system is ready to be turned on! You can now switch on your inverter using the instructions located on the front of the inverter.

Your system will now energise when the sun comes out and you'll be producing your own clean free power!

The monitoring system that was setup on the day of installation should come to life allowing you to view real time data. This includes how much power you are generating, consuming, selling back to the grid and buying from the grid. From here it is important to try and optimise your usage pattern to maximise your investment.  Make sure you remember the recommendations made during your initial in-home assessment.

Step 14: On-going Support and System Reviews

You've entrusted Virtual Power Co as your energy partner for the next decade or longer. This means you an lean on us at anytime for advice about your system or any concerns you might have.

Your system will also need regular upkeep and maintenance. This means checking for dust and debris on and around your panels as this can effect your systems performance. It's also recommended to keep an eye on your panels after large hail or storm events to ensure there is no damage. Routine checks mean you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe.

Periodically our After Care team will perform system reviews. This is more common during the first 90 days of your install as we keep track of your performacne to ensure that there are no hiccups with your system. We also advise that you keep an eye on your monitoring during this period so that you can optimise your usage profile and get the most of out the system.

When the time comes to add a battery, our tech team will utilise your monitoring data to accurately size the perfect battery for your usage profile.

Final Thoughts: Enjoy Freedom!

The final thing to do is sit back and relax knowing that you're now generating all of your own power on site. Your great decision to invest with Virtual Power Co means you've freed yourself from the shackles of the Big Energy Cartel.

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