Join The Tweed Shire Virtual Power Plant And Have A Solar Battery Installed With No Upfront Costs

Sell your extra power to your neighbours. Profit from an unstable grid where you can trade excess power from your new battery for between 10-50x the normal buy rate. Charge your battery for free. Keep your lights on during blackouts. (even if you don’t have solar or a battery yet!)

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tweed Shire Virtual Power Plant

What is the Tweed Shire Virtual Power Plant?

If you live in the Tweed Shire region and are still paying high electricity bills, you may be able to connect to the Tweed Shire Virtual Power Plant and have solar panels and a high quality battery installed with no upfront costs.

The way it works is simple. We design your new system so that we eliminate your power bills and you are self reliant. I.e you don't buy from the grid. Our Virtual Power Plant can then generate you profits through energy trading during peak demand times when power prices sky rocket in the grid.

How are we able to do this? The energy grid is becoming more congested during peak periods. By using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can predictably trade excess power from your battery during these high demand periods for up to 10-50X the normal rates - significantly improving your return on investment. Don't worry, we will never drain your battery and use more than what you need - your home is the number one priority.

With falling solar feed in tariffs and sky-rocketing energy costs, it's never been a better time to look at adding a solar with a battery storage solution that predictably saves you money and gives you freedom from purchasing your power.

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Why Solar Alone Isn't Enough Anymore.

Solar has been an excellent investment for many people over the last ten years.

However the pitfall for solar is that you must either be home during the day to use it, or receive a large enough feed in tariff to off-set your night time usage.

Due to the massive up-take in solar, the Government are now proposing feed in taxes for those sending large amounts of solar back into the grid during the day.  This makes solar alone no longer enough for many people who use the majority of their power in the evening. Many homeowners are also finding that their solar systems are shutting down during the middle of the day due to massive grid congestion. If you have solar and the system is underperforming, this could be a big reason why.

Instead of wasting your precious energy and getting paid peanuts, our solar battery technology captures and stores this power throughout the day, ready for you to use during the evening when you would usually be buying power from your retailer.

When the price of power increases during peak demand times, we will automatically perform smart 'energy trading' for you - helping you profit from the higher energy prices. This is the essence of how our virtual power plant technology operates.

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The Solution

We Trade Extra Power From Your Battery and Make You Profit

We design your solar and battery system so that you are completely self sufficient and free from the grid. Though, sometimes there is a little bit of power left over that you aren't using. Rather than letting it sit there, we look to help you profit from it.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we constantly scan the energy market on your behalf and when we detect that a surge in the price of electricity occurs, we initiate a discharge from your battery at the higher price.

These events are quite chaotic and happen only every once in a while, but they can be incredibly profitable and significantly speed up the payback of your investment.

A great example of when an event like this occurs is during a hot summer afternoon when most houses are using air conditioners. The grid is unable to cope with this demand, so power stations 'charge more' for a unit of power. We turn your battery into a mini power station that can also sell into demand.

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No Upfront costs

Have Your New Solar Battery Installed With No Upfront Costs!

Thanks to our partners at Plenti, we are able to offer no upfront cost solutions that allow you to pay off your solar and battery as you go with the savings. This means you can achieve energy freedom today, without having to worry about forking out thousands of dollars to get started.  If you'd like to learn how this works, hit the button below and complete your details so our team can get in touch.

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Get More From Your Solar

Most energy retailers are offering dismal feed in tariffs. The average across New South Wales is now under 5 cents per kWh. Many homeowners have invested their hard earned money into solar power on the basis of receiving higher feed in tariffs of 15 or even 20 cents, but are now getting less than half of that.

It's now time to make the switch and get more from your solar by storing your own power! By storing your power, you'll have the opportunity to sell power back to the grid during peak demand times where the price is up to 10-50x the normal wholesale rate.  This significantly advantages our clients with battery systems as they are able to squeeze more returns from their solar and battery systems.

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Charge Your Battery For Free

As crazy as this sounds, sometimes the price of power in the grid goes below $0. This means that power stations are being charged for sending too much power back into the grid.  We can take advantage of these rare events by initiating a free charge event and topping up your battery with no cost to you.

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blackout protection

Keep The Lights On and Your Fridge Cool During Blackouts

Energy storage technology has advanced drastically in the past two years. Every solar battery system that we install comes fitted with a dedicated emergency power supply function.  This means we can select critical circuits such as lights, internet router and fridge circuits to backup so that in the event of a blackout, you'll continue to power those circuits uninterrupted.

Not only that, but we can also keep your solar panels running during a blackout, meaning you could survive for days in the event of a prolonged outage. We think this feature is absolutely priceless.

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We Only Use The Best Battery & Solar Products Available

We have rigorously tested every battery and solar panel available in the market and have narrowed it down to a small number of quality energy technology solutions that reliably work day in and day out for years.

Battery uptime and backup support is of critical importance. This often means that we are recommending seemingly more expensive higher end solutions, but we think it's just the opposite.

Because of these factors we do not compromise in the quality of the products we offer as our intention is for our clients to maintain as close to 100% uptime as possible.

At present we only recommend a technology solutionsIf you would like more information, we will need to perform a more detailed site assessment. Hit the button below and complete your information so that one of our team can reach out to discuss your needs further.

Tesla Powerwall
Sungrow Battery
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What It's Like To Join Us On The Journey To Energy Freedom

We have over 84+ five star reviews on Google. Check out a small sample of our clients that have made the incredible jump into the world of solar, batteries and energy trading.

Tim Bailey

This company was recommended through a friend. They offered a quality system at a competitive price. The process was really simple as they did all the behind the scenes solar grant paperwork and approvals. Installation was on time. Installers were courteous, professional and local. Highly recommended.

Sarina Sly

Awesome job, simple process from start to finish.

Margie Laird

Great service, friendly staff, awesome product. Ist day of installation and very overcast. Local blackout in neighbourhood that evening yet the battery was charged enough that I was the only house in the street with lights on!! Very stoked!  Highly recommend.

Kon Silias

The whole experience was easy and straightforward all the options were clearly explained to me with the sales team and when the panels and converter were installed the installation team were efficient and just brilliant a wonderful job well done.

Gerry Wain

Great service. Great guys. Planning and installation all went well.  The plant works well and now we're doing our own little bit to save the planet.  Highly recommend these guys.

David Backley

The team turned up on the agreed date did the job in one day - it’s a large system - the job was neat a d they cleaned up at the end of the day.The system worked perfectly and has not missed a beat - great job team thanks very much

Sarina Sly

Awesome job, simple process from start to finish.

Gerry Wain

Great service. Great guys. Planning and installation all went well.  The plant works well and now we're doing our own little bit to save the planet.  Highly recommend these guys.

Gerry Wain

Great service. Great guys. Planning and installation all went well.  The plant works well and now we're doing our own little bit to save the planet.  Highly recommend these guys.

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